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Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair is a green auto repair facility located in Encinitas, CA at 901 2nd st. in Downtown Encinitas. Family owned since 1988 Family owned since 1988
STAR Certified Stations Performs both BAR-OIS and BAR-97 inspections. Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair is STAR Certifed.

Car, Truck and SUV Belts, Pumps and Hoses - Is you car making a squealing sound?

What are symptoms my vehicle’s belt may require a belt replacement? Bring you vehicle into Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto Repair and our top mechanics will inspect any problems you may be having.


  • Squeal: When a belt begins slipping, a squealing sound may occur. This is the result of the belt and pulley not working correctly, low belt tension or belt stretch and wear. Oil and antifreeze leaks can also contribute to belt slippage. If you hear these sounds, you need to have your ride inspected as soon as possible before further malfunctions occur.


  • System performance loss: Maybe your power steering has failed, your battery suddenly drains or your engine just stops. All these things are controlled by a properly functioning serpentine or V-belt. Once your belt has been compromised, it can produce further damage to your car's vital systems, ie. such as the alternator, water pump, power steering and air conditioning. Unfortunately, the resulting damage can require extensive repair, with very little warning.


  • Check engine light illumination: This may be an indication something is wrong with the belt.


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We work on both foreign and domestic automobiles.

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Having the right electronic equipment to communicate with your car, the right staff with factory training, and accurate repair/service information to maintain your vehicle truly makes us your dealership alternative. Maintain your warranty and peace of mind. It is our job to simplify this part of your life!

San Diego, North County San Diego rental cars. Get a great deal on a rental car in Encinitas, Del Mar, Carlsbad,Cardiff. Cars, vans, trucks. Bring your used oil to us. We are a California certified used oil collection center in San Diego, Encinitas.

Offering the Following Services and Maintenance For Your Automobile:

Vehicle Maintenance and Services, Oil Change, Hybrid Services, Auto Diagnostics, Smog Test, Smog Testing Repair, Brakes and Traction Control, Alignment, Steering and Suspension, Tires and Balancing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems, Restraint Systems, SRS, Air Bags, Transmission Fluid Flush, Power Steering Fluid Fush, Coolant and Brake Fluid Flush, Drive Train (Engines, Transmissions and Differentials), Exhaust Systems, Electrical Systems, Body Work (Dents, Paint, Bumper), Windshields and Glass Repair, Audio, Fleet Services

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