Why You Should Change Your Oil

4 Reasons to Maintain Clean Oil

You want your car to last as long as possible, you want it to run reliably for thousands of miles, and you want to avoid the costly auto repairs that can come with vehicle aging. It sounds like a lot to ask for, but there is one way to achieve all of these things -- and that’s an oil change!

Routine oil changes are the foundation for a healthy engine and vehicle. To help drivers appreciate the importance of this maintenance service, Encinitas Foreign & Domestic is compiling all of the ways oil changes benefit vehicles.


Clean oil effectively removes contaminants that get trapped on internal engine components. Once the oil is dirty, it has to be changed. Otherwise the dirt builds up, causing sluggish engine performance and possible damage to parts.

A quick oil change and filter replacement equip your vehicle to continue trapped dirt and debris that enters the engine.


New motor oil lubricates engine parts to prevent excessive friction and overheating, which are terrible for engine health and durability. Additives to help lubrication wear out over time, which makes old motor oil ineffective at its job.

Find the right type of motor oil for your specific engine to achieve optimal lubrication and power.


Without clean motor oil, your engine’s performance will suffer. You won’t enjoy the same driving experience that you could from a powerful, well-maintained vehicle. You may even face costly repairs to correct complications from driving a car on bad oil.

When the engine isn’t running its best, other systems may feel the strain. You may see poor emissions or a drop in fuel efficiency.


Complicated problems from poor engine maintenance mean you’ll need labor-intensive repairs to restore your car’s function. These can be more expensive than a preventative oil change service, which will certainly save you from the stress of engine failure.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to car maintenance!

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