Your Oil Changes Help the Environment

Safe Motor Oil Disposal at Encinitas Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair

When you visit Encinitas Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair for your vehicle’s oil change, you are helping to protect our environment. How? By ensuring that used motor oil is properly recycled and doesn’t contribute to pollution! We follow a careful oil change process to avoid spills & leaks and prevent damages to your car. If you choose to change your own motor oil at home, we encourage you to follow these measures, too.

  1. Purchase Recycled Motor Oil
  2. Before you even get started with the oil change, you can make the choice to purchase recycled motor oil for your vehicle and limit your individual impact on the planet. It’s a myth that these oils are not as good as new oils. Today, they are made to the same standards and produce the same results!

  3. Use a Drain Pan
  4. First, we recommend extreme caution when changing motor oil, as it could be hot and lead to injury. To prevent dangerous spills, use a drain pan designed to catch hot motor oils. That will prevent potential injuries and dirty messes. It’s also important to make sure you line up the drain pan with the proper drain plug. Make sure you locate the engine oil plug, not the transmission fluid plug.

  5. Transfer the Oil to a Sealed Container
  6. After you’ve completed the rest of the oil change, what do you do with the used motor oil? Whatever you do, don’t just dump it out. Our goal is to prevent pollution and help the environment! Using a funnel and sealing plastic container, transfer the motor oil for safe transportation to a recycling center. Don’t use a container that held chemicals like bleach, pesticides, paint, or antifreeze. These contaminate the recycling process.

  7. Visit a Collection Site
  8. You can take your used motor oil and filter to a collection site for recycling and safe disposal. Ask the location where you purchased the oil for recycling information or visit a local auto repair shop for assistance.

If you are unsure about performing oil changes at home, visit Encinitas Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair for fast, professional service that helps to protect our environment!

Written by Developer Autoshop